By Krysta Scripter

This was my first chance to experience working in a professional newsroom with deadlines, editor notes and constant feedback.

I actually enjoy interviewing. When I get into it and start digging – and really having fun with it – I come away with a much better experience.

I struggled a lot when reporting and recording. We had so much riding on what we covered that day, plus I wasn’t familiar with the recording equipment or how to use it efficiently. I was anxious and incredibly nervous about asking people questions they may not be comfortable with. What if I broke a rule? What if I made someone uncomfortable? What if they got really upset with me?

Erika Aguilar was my mentor for the project. I’ve never met someone so encouraging and supportive (other than my mom).

One of the things she shared with me, after noticing how stressed I had been that morning, was that as a journalist, it is our job to inform people about issues they aren’t familiar with. When we work under that motivation, the courage to put yourself out there and ask that direct question is more goal-based. We have a job. Our job is to help give voice to things unheard.

After three possible story ideas, over two hours of audio — and a whole lot of hair-pulling (See earlier post.) — getting that final piece of audio was incredibly satisfying. It set us a little behind, but it was worth it to get our final story pitch for our editor.

(No seriously, THANK GOD.)

I live for happy accidents. We met Dave while looking for someone else. But his sweet demeanor and willingness to tell his story really won me over. After Wednesday afternoon, it was nothing but edit, brainstorm, then edit again, then ask for more help, then edit again…

Its hard. It’s really hard. I was in the newsroom from 8 a.m. to nearly 8 p.m. I’ve never been so submersed, so deep in such a huge project. It was hard, stressful, intense work.

And I loved it. 

God, its going to be hard to go back to retail after this.


One thought on “What if I Broke a Rule?

  1. Krysta & Erika,
    Just a brief but heartfelt note of thanks to you both. Your toughest job had to be to keep this Rambling old Veteran on track. You both are rays of sunshine in my memory. Keep up your good works and remember there is always more than one side to a good story. Best of wishes for you both, always!
    (Rick) Richard G. Shuster

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