The Stars Aligned for This Project

By Kenny DeSoto

What a coincidence.

Kenny DeSoto photo1 by ArdIt’s really funny how this entire week worked out. I started the week without having a story pitch, but a friend request on Facebook changed that.

When I talked to sound healer Cheryl Bowers for the first time, I could feel how in tune she is with the work that she does. She truly believes that the universe works to benefit her work and the people around her. After our first conversation, I remember her telling me that the universe brought us together, and that everything is about to work out.

While recording her story, it slowly proved to be true.

First, we thought that we lost the entire interview, which luckily, we didn’t. Melissa, my mentor, had a broken memory card, but Alexa Ard, Next Generation Radio alum, had a bunch that we could use that saved us a trip to the store.

We scheduled to meet Cheryl at her pre-ceremony hike at 7 p.m., but because she had to grab the yoga studio keys earlier than anticipated, we met at 6:30.

At the top of the trail head “The Hoge” located on Peavine Mountain. (Photo by Kenny DeSoto)

At the top of the trail head “The Hoge” located on Peavine Mountain. (Photo by Kenny DeSoto)

Honestly, if that wasn’t the case, the lighting for the photos and video that we took would not have been nearly as beautiful. When Cheryl started her meditation, a bird flew up to her and sat next to her as she chanted.

I witnessed a lizard crawl up on the rock she sat on. I even noticed a bunch of jackrabbits nearby.

Weird. It’s like the animals in the area understood how in-tune Cheryl is with nature.

After we finished the sound ceremony at the yoga studio, her client left and we started packing up our bags. Melissa and I were telling Cheryl how all these things were happening and it’s so coincidental that everything worked out for the best that day.

Cheryl just giggled, and then she mentioned how her client was coming from Truckee and had always wanted to go through a ceremony, and was coincidentally seeking Cheryl.

I just thought it was so strange how everything worked out so perfectly even when problems started arising. Cheryl truly believes that it’s the universe’s way of ensuring that her story and my project were meant to happen.

After this experience, I think I’m a believer too.

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