Our Reporters, Our Stories

The Brain Behind the Bud

Walanya Vongsvirates



An unexpected diagnosis of epilepsy inspired AJ Fabrizio to devote his life to medical marijuana research, even when it was highly controversial. Listen to the story. 

Check Into Jungle Jim’s Burner Hotel 

Patricia Bobek Morris

An entrepreneur who goes by the nickname “Jungle Jim” and a crew of risk-taking artists are trying to keep the Burning Man culture alive year round. This experiment is taking place in downtown Reno, Nevada, at the Morris Burner Hotel. Listen to the story. 

Equestrian Turns Heartbreak into Healing Therapy Using Horses

Roberts’ calls “Mystic” confident and energetic and was everything she didn’t want but fate brought them together. “She’s my baby. She’s my heart, and for a long time, she’s the only reason I got up in the morning,” Roberts said. “She’s the reason we’re here today.”

Topher Cuellar

An equestrian turns traumatic family grief into an unconventional form of therapy. Listen to the story.


Reno Family Struggles with Child’s Severe Skin Disease

Diego Zarazua


Jose Gastellum says ever since his son was born, he hasn’t looked like a normal child. Listen to the story. 


From Rape Survivor to Sex ColumnistHero-photo-Anneliese

Rocio Hernandez

Anneliese Hucal loves to talk about sex as much as she loves to have it.  But she had to defeat a monster to get there. Listen to the story.

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